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UNIBZ participates to IDEM

UNIBZ joined both national IDEM (IDEntity Management for services access) and european eduGAIN federations, so that our users can have access to the services associated with them. The credential for the access are given to the UNIBZ users. The modality for give, use and revoke the credential are available on "Documento descrittivo del processo di accreditamento degli utenti" (DOPAU).


Technical reference for Identity Provider:

Information about the user attributes releases by the Identity Proveder

Through its Identity Provider (IdP) UNIBZ will transmit some information (attributes) about you to the resource you want to access to. These information are:

The information transmitted can vary from resource to resource. UNIBZ IdP (Identity Provider) will send to each resource only the information that the resource needs to receive. During the process of access to the resource it will be shown the exact list of the information that the Identity Provider will send to the Resource. You may decide, before sending, to agree with this transfer and access the resource or whether withhold your consent to the transfer of information - in this case giving up to access the resource. The following table shows all the information listed, each detected by an identifying name (name attribute), which the Identity Provider may transmit to a resource that needs it. The Identity Provider will send solely information subset from this list:

Attribute nameMeaning
cnName Surname
displayNameName Surname
schacDateOfBirthDate of Birth
schacYearOfBirthYear of Birth
schacPlaceOfBirthPlace of Birth
schacPersonalUniqueIDPersonal Unique ID
houseIdentifierHouse Identifier
postalCodePost Code
cAcronym Country
schacPersonalPositionPersonal Position
ouOrganization Unit
eduPersonOrgDNID Organization
eduPersonOrgUnitDNID Organization Unit
schacHomeOrganizationID Organization
schacHomeOrganizationTypeOrganization Type
eduPersonScopedAffiliationPerson Scoped Affiliation
eduPersonPrincipalNameID user
eduPersonEntitlementPerson Entitlement